about atlas

Atlas Regeneration Technologies, LLC, was formed in 2014 to develop hardness sensors for water softeners. Our technology was developed at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) by the late Dr. Tom Davis and Dr. David Nemir. Since its establishment, Atlas has utilized founder and grant funds to obtain the US and foreign patents (additional patents pending), perform research leading to a working beta product, and perform commercialization research. Atlas is based at the Medical Center for the Americas Foundation's Cardwell Collaborative building in El Paso, Texas. This facility allows for shared laboratory space, offices, and conference rooms for startups located in the El Paso area. Another benefit to Atlas is that the first beta test of its sensors will be at the Cardwell building. ​The issued patent (US 9,778,299) detects a change in resistance of ion-exchange material in a continuous configuration. The resistance is measured using solid-state electronics.

Hard water is a global problem. Consumers can and do benefit from using soft water because softening reduces detergent usage in both household and industrial settings. In addition, softening reduces scale buildup on heat transfer surfaces that can lead to increased energy consumption and premature failure of water heaters and boilers. In spite of their benefits, conventional water softeners have a drawback—they require salt for regeneration. Current softeners use excessive amounts of salt, which typically is released into municipal sewer systems and ultimately into rivers and water systems. In some cases, water softeners are banned by communities, or their use is restricted by requiring high-efficiency systems.


  • Hardness Sensor - Residential
  • Hardness Sensor - Industrial

about our company

malynda cappelle,  PHD, MBA


Malynda Cappelle received an MBA, a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering, and a 2018 PhD in Civil Engineering, with a focus on sustainable water treatment. Dr. Cappelle has 20 years of experience with potable and industrial water treatment and research. Before coming to UTEP, Malynda served as a technical advisor to small businesses in New Mexico while working at Sandia National Laboratories. She has been involved with the hardness sensor development at both UTEP and Atlas. Malynda led a student team in two business plan competitions in 2014 and was the entrepreneurial lead for the I-Corps programs in 2016-2017. Dr. Cappelle is a co-inventor of another UTEP-patented technology that combines solar power and desalination.

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Our mission

Our company strives reduce end-user cost, reduce both the amount of salt released into the environment the amount of water wasted during regeneration, while providing a means of differentiation for our customers to achieve higher sales and profitability.

Hardness sensor laboratory testing (2017)

what we do

Atlas Regeneration Technologies senses what is inside water. Atlas' first sensor is an IoT sensor that detects hardness in water. The Atlas hardness sensor will improve how softeners operate by improving regeneration efficiency and monitoring softener operations. Our patented hardness sensor was developed at The University of Texas at El Paso by the late Dr. Thomas A. Davis and Dr. David Nemir. As the exclusive licensee, Atlas is working to develop its prototype into a production product and sell turnkey devices to water treatment service companies and softener systems manufacturers. 

Joshua Ladd


Joshua holds a BS in Finance from Arizona State University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, and an MBA from UTEP. While at UTEP, Joshua was involved in the 2013 Paso Del Norte Venture Competition, where his team took second place overall and won best business plan. Joshua has a track record of growth and leadership going back to his time in the Army. Joshua was honorably discharged and holds various medals, including the Combat Action Badge, Army Achievement Medal, and Army Commendation Medal with Valor. Joshua Ladd is currently in Medical Device Sales as an Executive Senior Sales Consultant for KLS Martin representing El Paso, TX, and Southern NM.

david nemir, phd,pe

member, secretary

Dr. David Nemir is a co-founder of Atlas and co-inventor of the hardness sensor technology, specializing in the electronic interfacing of cation-exchange sensors. Dr. Nemir received a PhD degree in electrical engineering and is a former tenured faculty member in electrical engineering at UTEP. In 1996, he founded X-L Synergy, LLC, to develop and manufacture electrical fault mitigation technology. In 2007, he co-founded TXL Group, Inc. to develop and deploy the next generation of practical thermoelectric power-generation devices. Dr. Nemir is a registered Professional Engineer (Texas) and has 15 issued US Patents.